LWE Podcast 10: Andomat 3000


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Andreas Wiegand didn’t have much to say when answering our interview questions, but critics and clubbers alike have been quite noisy in their appreciation for his music as Andomat 3000. Retooling his career after years as DJ Mahatma, Wiegand (and Jan) turned heads with the massive “L Delay” for Cadenza, and he’s only gotten better since. His barbed and tightly laced “Cognitive Dissonance” helped propel Cécille Records into the spotlight before splashing his tracky, jazz-influenced aesthetic across releases and remixes for Four:Twenty, Platzhirsch Schallplatten, Poker Flat, Einmaleins Musik, REKIDS, and Cocoon, among others. For our 10th podcast, Wiegand opted for an exclusive live set crafted solely with unreleased tracks, offering a spectacular keyhole view into the future sounds of Andomat 3000. Given the nature of this beast the tracklist is necessarily sketchy, but few will have time to care when the irresistible, pumping rhythms draw you far from your computer.


01. Andomat 3000, “1-2-3″
02. Andomat 3000, “Gjjh” (LWE version)
03. Andomat 3000, “Yeah” (LWE version)
04. Andomat 3000, “Heinzland Jazz”
05. Andomat 3000, “Miles Motel” (live version)
06. Andomat 3000, “Lyambiko” (LWE version)
07. Andomat 3000, “Maxwell”
08. Andomat 3000, can’t remember1 (Ableton improvisation)
09. Andomat 3000, “Reverse Dizko”
10. Andomat 3000, can’t remember2 (Ableton improvisation)
10.5. some beats from the live act
11. Andomat 3000 & Sven UK, “Scheisslied nr. 2″
12. Andomat 3000, unreleased remix I did for Material series
13. Andomat 3000, “Ode to DBX”
14. Andomat 3000, track I did 1,000 years ago
15. Andomat 3000, another track I did 1,000 years ago

(from Little White Earbuds)


When and where did you make the mix?

Andomat 3000: I recorded it at home last week.

What’s the concept behind the mix?

I had no concept beside that it would all be unreleased tracks. I tried to make no mistakes in mixing but didn’t succeed.

Who are a few of your favorite DJs and why?

I really don’t know.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

I’m gonna do some live gigs and prepare some releases, as I was not producing much recently.

Rating 3.00 out of 5

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