LWE Podcast 17: Louis Guilliaume


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  1. Global Communication, “Intro” [Dedicated]
  2. Jedi Knights, Solina (The Ascension) [Evolution / Universal Language Productions Ltd.]
  3. Reggie Dokes, “The Dance Of Heru” [Psychostasia Recordings]
  4. Gino Soccio, “Dancer” (Edit) [Atlantic]
  5. Vincent Montana, Jr, “It Looks Like Love” [Atlantic]
  6. Harmony Funk, “Can’t Let You Go” [Real Estate Records]
  7. René Et Gaston, “Meluche Ideale” [a.r.t.less]
  8. Ultramarine, “Hooter” (Carl Craig remix) [Natural Records]
  9. Brian Harden, “Missing You” (BHO Mix) [Moods & Grooves]
  10. Erotic Drum Band, “Jerky Rhythm” [Eskimo Recordings]
  11. Madonna, Get Together (James Holden Mix) [Warner Bros. Records]
  12. Johnny Hammond, “Los Conquistdores Chocolates” [Milestone Records]
  13. Monolake, “Plumbicon” (Deadbeat mix) [Monolake / Imbalance Computer Music]
  14. As One, “Shambala” [New Electronic]
  15. Nukubus, “Skylark” (Louis Guilliaume’s New Tomorrow Mix) [Vonk]
  16. Model 500, “I Wanna Be There” [R&S Records]
  17. Dan Electro, “Down Is The Power” [Rodeo Gay]
  18. Da Lata, “Can It Be?” [Palm Beats]
  19. Roswell Return, “IFTODEXC0001″ (SD remix) [SD Records]
  20. Larry Heard, “Missing You” [Track Mode/Alleviated]
  21. Global Communication, “Outro” [Dedicated]

(From Little White Earbuds)

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