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In a time when social media rules how we connect, it’s almost impossible to remember a time where just a quick flutter of the fingers couldn’t be life-changing. But what about discoveries off the grid? With Living DNA, a quick mouth swab can uncover stories from your recent and extended past and even help you live a healthier lifestyle today.

Living DNA brings the world two types of top-tier DNA test kits: the well-being and ancestry kit and the full ancestry DNA kit, both with the potential to alter your everyday reality. What’s the difference? The well-being kit focuses on health and examines genetic variants that can impact the way your body metabolizes. It provides tips on foods, exercises, and equipment that support your genetic makeup. And it offers insights to help understand traits like your eye color, food response, and vitamin levels based on your ancestors from the past 1,000 years. The full ancestry DNA kit searches over 150 regions for detailed reports in regards to your maternal and paternal haplogroups, covering up to 80,000 years, using the Unique DNA Constellations Method.

Both kits include a swab, instructions, activation code, and return envelope. Take advantage of this sale to pick up one or both at a discount. The full ancestry DNA kit is now 23% off at $75.99, while the well-being kit is now $149, a savings of 16%.

Prices subject to change.

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