OMNi, a Costa Rican firm, is aiming to to bring electric motorcycles to Singapore for sharing.

It has tied up with Taiwanese electric motorcycle manufacturer Gogoro.

The electric motorbikes would be rented out in Singapore the same way electric cars are offered here by BlueSG, OMNi’s Asia-Pacific chief executive Erik Cheong revealed to CNA.

The motorcycles will be named OMNiGo.

No charging required

But unlike BlueSG, users will be able to swap out the motorcycle batteries for new ones when they are running low.

Cheong said some 2,000 motorcycles can be made available in Singapore within the next three years.

The public will be able to rent the motorcycles via the OMNi app.

Discussion with the authorities are ongoing.

Electric motorcycles to be more common

High-powered electric motorcycles above 10kW would be allowed on the roads here, it was announced earlier in 2020.

Those able to hit at least 50kmh are now allowed on expressways.

Renting motorcycles hourly is not new.

In 2018, car-sharing firm Tribecar launched an hourly-rated service offering shared motorbikes.

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Top photo via OMNi

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