The Lane County History Museum is asking for community help in documenting the COVID-19 pandemic for future exhibits.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed our community and individual lives in ways that will have both short- and long-lasting effects,” Allison Fischer-Olson, an archivist and research librarian from the museum, said in a news release.

“This project aims to document how we dealt with these changes while they were happening, and we hope that the collection will give future Lane County residents the ability to look back on this time and understand how we were feeling, coping and working together to weather the hardships.”

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The museum wants to capture a variety of perspectives and experiences of people, but also of businesses and other organizations, to show how people adapted to the new environment and what they choose to do or had to do differently. 

This collection is not just for adults — the museum emphasizes that the goal is to capture the experiences of all ages. Childhood possessions, artwork or oral experiences are most often collected after we have grown. 

“We are asking people to get creative,” said Bob Hart, the museum’s executive director. “We are already collecting stories, but any narrative is so much more riveting with related physical objects. Selected items offered may directly relate to how you and yours adapted to the pandemic, your changed routine, methods of communication with family and friends and your safety measures.”

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