Apple has announced a “One more thing” event for November 10, where we’re likely to see the company’s first ARM-based Macs powered by its in-house Apple Silicon chips.

While Apple has yet to give anything away, previous rumors had suggested that the company would show off its first ARM-based MacBooks in November.

It’s not yet clear what form the first Apple Silicon Mac will take, though it’s widely expected to be either a refresh of the defunct 12-inch MacBook or a new variant of the 13-inch MacBook Pro. 

This device, which will be the first in the company’s 36-year history to feature Apple’s designed silicon, is expected to feature a 12-core processor, codenamed “Tonga”, that’s based on design A14X Bionic chip that powers the iPad Air and iPhone 12 lineup.

Apple previously boasted that this custom silicon will equip Macs with “industry-leading” performance-per-watt, higher-performance GPUs and improved power efficiency than Intel CPUs. However, Apple won’t be ditching Intel completely just yet. The company has said that the transition to ARM-based processors will take around two years, and speculation suggests the company still has a number of Intel-powered products in the works.

At Apple’s upcoming event, we’ll also likely hear more about macOS Big Sur. Also known as macOS 11, the software first debuted at WWDC back in June, but has not yet rolled out to the public despite an extended beta testing process.

Apple’s “One more thing” event will take place on November 10 at 10am PT. As with previous events this year, such as WWDC 2020 and the iPhone 12 launch in October, the event will be held entirely online and streamed on the Apple website.

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