Sinner DC – Mental Groove [GTC187]

Sinner DC – Mental Groove [GTC187]

Source : Get The Curse


This week’s podcast is bought to you by Swiss trio Sinner DC, hot off the heels of their new album released on Mental Groove.

A perfect match for fall weather, it’s an album where synths, guitars, vocals and drum machines are used with flair to craft heartfelt tracks, cold and spacy but not without a sensitivity which I’m going to call ‘alpine’. Halfway between The Field’s and Gas’ vibe on the one hand and the songwriting of Sonic Boom or even an early M83 on the other, this is music to listen to on the top of a glacier.

This podcast showcases Sinner DC’s interpretation of the dancefloor: trippy and melodic, between melancholia and euphoria.

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