(TAL104) Brando Lupi

(TAL104) Brando Lupi

Source : Trace A Line


Italian techno is well renowned for its great quality among electronic music aficionados. Thanks to its numerous assets, which include famous artists such as Donato Dozzy, Giorgio Gigli, Claudio PRC and so many others, this scene keeps being talked about all around Europe and beyond…And Brando Lupi is also clearly part of this group of talented Italian producers. While still little known to the public, this mysterious artist has yet been around the scene for over a decade, working partly as a techno producer and partly as a photographer. He also runs the Detune Records structure, that he created in 2000 to release his own techno productions. Close to the Prologue aesthetic, Brando’s music has been published on a selection of quality labels like Elettronica Romana, Dozzy Records or Orange Groove, on which he released several collaborative EPs which his friend Donato Dozzy, who needs no more introduction on our website.

So this week, let’s leave deep house aside for a sec and make room for this big fat techno set, both very subtle in its construction while remaining dark and hypnotic, just how we like it…Well, you know how it goes.

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