Consumers want to travel again, and they want to hear from their travel advisors, according to the results of a survey from Global Travel Collection (GTC), Internova Travel Group’s premium and luxury business division.

“There is a huge opportunity for all of us out there; however, we must stay vigilant and communicate as much as possible,” Angie Licea, president of Global Travel Collection, said Monday morning during a GTC virtual conference titled “Elevate the Journey.”

She said GTC surveyed more than 1,000 of its travelers and found that 64% were dreaming of travel and 34% have started planning their next trip or have already booked it. Fifteen percent of those who were polled said they are not currently planning travel.

“Most importantly, they want to hear from you,” Licea said to the travel advisors watching the conference.

those surveyed, 72% said they would welcome destination information.
Licea said 66% want insider travel information, meaning “they want to
know what it’s like to travel now.” Travelers also wanted promotional
information (63%) and tips for health and safety (61%).

Of the travelers who are currently making plans, 14% said they would travel during the holidays this year. Another 27% said they would travel in the first half of next year, and more than half (52%) said they would travel in the second half of next year.

In total, 10% said they were planning travel this year. Forty-one percent are planning travel for 2021 or 2022, and another 43% said they want to plan but are waiting for a Covid-19 vaccine.

The majority (79%) said they were planning to travel by airplane. Forty percent plan to travel via automobile, 12% via ocean cruise and 8% via river cruise; 9% of those surveyed said they will travel on all of the above (survey-takers could pick more than one mode of transportation).

Of those who plan to cruise, 29% said they would consider a small luxury ship sailing on the ocean, 27% said they would consider taking a river cruise, 13% said they would consider a large ship ocean cruising, and 8% said they would consider expedition voyages.

Money does not seem to be a barrier to traveling, Licea said, as 12% said they plan on spending more on travel in the next year than they had in the past, and 56% said they plan on spending the same.

As far as destinations within the U.S., open spaces are preferred, with survey-takers indicating they were interested in national parks, Hawaii, California and Alaska (24% said they planned to visit “anywhere uncrowded”). Europe was the top international destination.

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