INDIANAPOLIS – You will soon have a chance to see the works of Vincent van Gogh like you’ve never seen them before at a first of its kind experience coming to the U.S. Even food and beverages are encouraged around the artwork at this 30,000 square foot immersive permanent exhibition.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields will debut THE LUME in June 2021. Created by Australian-based Grande Experiences and featuring the works of van Gogh, the exhibition will occupy the museum’s entire fourth floor making it the largest continuous exhibition space in Newfields’ 137-year history.

“After five years of research into art consumer motivation and innovative digital exhibitions in Asia, Australia and Europe, we are thrilled to unveil THE LUME,” said Dr. Charles L. Venable The Melvin & Bren Simon Director and CEO at Newfields. “I am very pleased that we have been able to partner with Grande Experiences to become the first museum in the country to fully embrace the future of digital exhibitions.”

people walking through a digital van gogh exhibit

The LUME Indianapolis debuts its Van Gogh exhibition in June 2021 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. (Rendering of The LUME Indianapolis courtesy of Grande Experiences)

THE LUME Indianapolis will use nearly 150 high definition projectors to transform two-dimensional paintings into a three-dimensional world for guests to explore. The works will be displayed from floor to ceiling in spacious galleries. They will even move and be choreographed to classical music.

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An exhibit like this is expected to attract people from all over the Midwest, including from Michigan, as well as people who don’t normally attend art museums or exhibitions.

“My experience on other continents demonstrated how the combination of cutting-edge digital projection technology and great works of art can motivate new audiences to engage with art exhibitions,” added Dr. Venable. “About 76% of Americans don’t go to art museums. People want to have something more casual where they can have a glass of wine or beer and enjoy it with their family. We think people will want to come here for that experience.”

van gogh paintings from floor to ceiling digitally

The LUME Indianapolis debuts its Van Gogh exhibition in June 2021 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. (Rendering of The LUME Indianapolis courtesy of Grande Experiences)

While there have been pop-up exhibitions like this in commercial spaces, science or art museums and warehouses across the country, this is the first time a museum will dedicate an entire space for it.

“This is the first of its kind in the United States. There have been short-lived pop ups, but no art museum in the country has committed the resources and space to literally embrace the future of digital technology of showing great art.”

Some people may have visited a similar installation in Paris which was also featured on episode 5 of the Netflix show “Emily In Paris.” That exhibition isn’t the same as THE LUME, but Dr. Venebale says it will give you a sense of what this space at the museum in Indianapolis will look like when it opens next year.

“We will premiere with the van Gogh starting next June and that will last for one year. The idea is that every summer we will have a new opening which will run for the next year. The idea is to feature new artwork digitally beginning each June. We wanted to start with van Gogh because he is so internationally famous and well-known.”


Newfields will begin selling tickets for THE LUME Indianapolis in early 2021. Tickets will be $20 for members, $13 for member youth (6-17), $25 for public, $17 for public youth (6-17), and free for children 5 and under.


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