Xiaomi has announced new camera technology in an effort to boost smartphone photography. To be more accurate, Xiaomi unveiled the so-called telescopic camera lens, and it’s actually quite interesting.

This camera lens can physically zoom in and out of the smartphone body. Sounds familiar? Well, it should, regular point-and-shoot cameras do the same thing. To make things even more interesting, this technology comes with a large aperture, and Xiaomi makes huge claims for it.

New Xiaomi telescopic camera tech increases light input by 300-percent

The company says that this new tech increases light input by 300-percent. On top of that, it brings new image stabilization technology to the table. These are some huge claims by the company, that’s for sure.

That’s not all, though. The company says that the clarity is also improved by 20-percent thanks to the large aperture and image stabilization technology. To be clear, Xiaomi did not specify how large the aperture actually is.

Xiaomi did, however, demonstrate this new camera lens in a video that it uploaded to Weibo. You can see the lens move out of the phone’s body. Now, if this camera lens tech gets combined with a good, large camera sensor and good software… the sky is the limit.

This new technology does look promising, but we have to see it in action before getting too excited about it. Xiaomi did not say when will this technology make it to an actual smartphone, a smartphone that consumers will be ready to buy.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 could feature it, but that’s unlikely

We’re hoping it will happen at some point next year, though, considering the timing of this announcement. Optimistic people would say it’s coming with the Xiaomi Mi 11, and that’s a possibility, but we wouldn’t bet on it.

All in all, it’s really nice to see such new tech that opens doors for major improvements in the camera department. Smartphone cameras are already kind of great, but this could really push them to new heights, we’ll see.

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