XLR8R Podcast 284 – Locked Groove

XLR8R Podcast 284 – Locked Groove

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01 Locked Groove "Do it Anyway" (Hotflush)
02 Close feat. Scuba & Charlene Soraia "Beam Me Up (Scuba's Dub of Doom)"
03 Azari & III "Indigo (Konrad Black Remix)" (Turbo)
04 Dusky "Dummy" (Aus)
05 Lauer "Mascat Ring Down" (Beats in Space)
06 BLM "Sudden Death" (Secretsundaze)
07 Headless Ghost "Basik Fire" (Clone Royal Oak)
08 Scuba "Hardbody (SCB Edit)" (Hotflush)
09 Function "Voiceprint (Reprise)" (Ostgut Ton)
10 Locked Groove "Lost" (Hotflush)
11 Noah Pred "Loss for Words" (Thoughtless)
12 The eSs Project "The Airplane Track"
13 Jay Shepheard "Two Much Love" (Retrofit)


Although it certainly wasn’t their intention, it appears that XLR8R is currently in the midst of a week-long celebration of all things Locked Groove. Just yesterday, they tabbed his excellent new EP, Heritage, as an XLR8R pick, and followed that up by posting an exclusive stream of the whole record. As if that wasn’t enough, the Belgian producer, born Tim Van de Meutter, has now put together a new mix for our podcast series. Heritage finds Locked Groove delving further into anthemic, ’90s-referencing house and techno sounds, and if this mix is any indication, his DJ stylings appear to be following a similar trajectory. The music is rife with hazily washed keys, rounded basslines, gradual builds, and heart-tugging melodies, not to mention unreleased cuts from some of Locked Groove’s like-minded peers. There’s a distinct hands-in-the-air flavor to the proceedings, but Van de Meutter does a nice job walking the line between big rooms and the basement. In short, it’s an effort that finds him slotting nicely into his increasingly prominent place amongst the Hotflush roster.

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